Single producer area

How to recycle

Sorting waste in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is simple if you know how. Here’s a mini guide on putting your waste in the right container. Don’t forget to put organic material in the brown container.

Light packaging

Plastic, aluminium, metals and cartons.


Plastic packaging/bottles.

Soft drinks cans and food tins.

Glass bottle caps.

Soup packets.

Expanded polystyrene and/or Cellophane.

Wooden fruit and vegetable crates.

Plastic bleach, ammonia and household cleaning product bottles.

Lids from glasses containers.


Paper cups.

Clay bottles or jars.

Plastic-coated paper used in butcher’s shops and/or fishmongers.



Plastic packaging from beer and/or soft drink bottle packs.

Silicone moulds for baking.

Plastic buckets and washing-up bowls.

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard materials


Paper and cardboard.

Notebooks, newspapers, magazines.

Paper cups from coffee shops.

Paper ice cream containers.

Paper bags.

Cardboard egg cartons.


Paper napkins.

Printing paper (tickets, passes, etc).

Paper and cardboard stained by oil or fat.

Paper and cardboard stained by organic substances.

Laminated paper used in butcher shops and fishmongers.

Plastic-coated containers.

Aluminium foil.


Glass containers

Items made from glass.


Glass bottles.

Botellas de vino.

Jars and/or pots.


Small beer or soft drink bottles.


Glass (glasses/tumblers).

Mirrors and windows.

Ceramics and porcelain.

Light bulbs.

Fluorescent light tubes.

o Glass bottles from single producers should be put in the public containers in the same fraction, using the dumping system.

Organic waste.

Food waste and pruning waste.


Leftover fruit and vegetables.

Meat and fish scraps.

Nut shells and egg shells.

Leftover shellfish and shells (clams, mussels, etc).

Tea and coffee.

Garden waste (leaves, branches, etc).

Used kitchen roll and napkins.

Wine corks.


Bathroom waste (toilet roll, tampons, nappies, wetwipes).

Pruning waste (large pieces).

Cigarette butts and ash.

Dust from sweeping and/or hoover debris.

Dirty cleaning cloths and rags.

Containers with expired products (cream, yoghurt, sauces).

Liquid foods.



Domestic waste generated that does not have a specific container.


Containers with expired products (cream, yoghurt, sauces).

Bathroom waste (toilet roll, tampons, nappies, wetwipes).

Cigarette butts and ash.

Dust from sweeping and/or hoover debris.


Food waste (fresh or expired).

Textiles, rags, cloths, cleaning cloths.

Garden waste and pruning waste.

Items that have to go in a specific container.

General Features (for all waste fractions)

How to dispose of waste.
  • Never outside the containers.
  • You can never exceed the volume of the container (the lid must close properly).
  • They must be in sealed bags (Rubbish) and compostable bags (Organic).
  • In the case of a small single producer of paper and cardboard, make a bundle.
How to maintain the containers
  • Keep waste storage areas clean and tidy.
  • Keep the containers clean and in a good condition.
  • The containers must be approved and the colour of the fraction to be deposited.
  • Containers should be labelled with the fraction and name of the establishment (in marker and/or a sticker).
  • Containers shall be left at the proposed public collection point from 8pm and they must be in the producer’s facilities before 9am.

Check your collection schedule (door-to-door)

Fracción Frecuencia
T. Baja T. Media T. Alta
Envases ligeros M-J-D * M-J-S-D * DIARIA
L-X-V ** L-X-V-D ** DIARIA
Papel y cartón L-M-X-J-V-S DIARIA DIARIA
Envasses vidrio X X X-D



*Platjas d´en bossa, Sant Jordi – Sa Carroca, Ses Salines, Sa Caleta – Porroig, Ctra Sant Josep II.

**Sant Josep, Es Cubells, Cala d´Hort – Cala Vedella, Cala Molí – Cala Tarida, Sant Agustí, Platges de Comte – Cala Bassa, Cala de Bou – Port des Torrent.


IMPORTANTE: El servicio se realiza de madrugada, por lo que los contenedores de los productores singulares deberán estar accesibles la noche anterior al día de recogida, para proceder a su vaciado.

Temporada Baja (T. Baja) 15 de noviembe al de 14 marzo
Temporada Media (T. Media)

15 de marzo al 31 de mayo

1 de octubre al 14 de noviembre

Temporada Alta (T. Alta) 1 de junio al 30 de septiembre


Más información:


Register here as a single producer

in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

1.-  Entrar en la sede electrónica del Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

2.- En el “Catálogo de tramites-Competencias y Servicios”  ir a  “Medio ambiente y actividades”

3.- Tramitación electrónica del procedimiento: ”Inscripción en el registro oficial de productores singulares”

Don’t let organic waste confuse you!

“In the case of being a company that produces waste other than municipal waste, it must register with the Government of the Balearic Islands to obtain the assignment of an environmental identification number (NIMA).”

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