Singular producers

he collection service from singular producers includes the pick up and transport of waste generated in the trade, service and industrial activities, similar to municipal waste, differentiated by fractions within the territorial scope of San José de Sa Talaia. The service does not include the scouring or maintenance of the containers used for collection from singular producers which are considered private ones. As a general rule, a singular producer are those establishments which generate more than 250 litres/day of volume of waste. Even so, commercial cardboard is also included in the door-to-door modality from small producers.

Fractions of waste to be collected

As a consequence of the general selective collection objectives and the model of separating the waste at source, a differentiated collection will be made for the following fractions, depending on the nature of the singular producers:

Collection systems from singular producers

The systems and technologies foreseen for the collection from singular producers will be as follows:


In general, the UTE ES VEDRÀ will collect the bins which the singular producers have deposited in the street or which are stored at their facilities provided these are accessible from the street. The bins will be for exclusive use for the trade activities assigned to the service, with a door-to-door collection, except in the case of glass igloos (with VACRI system), which may be public property.

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Waste management Decalogue at Singular Producers

  1. Keep the waste room tidy and clean.
  2. Keep the entrance free of obstructions.
  3. Periodically check the lighting and cooling.
  4. Have the necessary approved containers for each fraction of waste and identified with the corresponding stickers and the name of the establishment.
  5. Keep the containers clean and in a good condition (well-oiled wheels and lids closed).
  1. Separate waste in fractions (glass, paper/cardboard, packaging and rejects) and deposit them inside the containers (organic waste, always in heavy-duty bags).
  2. 7.Cardboard should be deposited tied up in bundles.
  3. 8.Do not put dangerous or liquid waste in the containers.
  4. 9.Provide the personnel in charge of the waste with the necessary information and training for a suitable management.
  1. Gather the necessary information and/or report any significant incident (Herbusa tel. 971318485 – / Ajuntament de Sant Josep de Sa Talaia – Dept. de Medi Ambient – tel. 971395122).

Individual Producers Registration

To register as a Sole Producer in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia the following instructions must be followed:

1- Download the document PDF Document Productors Singulars

2- Fill it in, please.

3- Signature and seal of the company or establishment

4- Make it reach the City Hall through:


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